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deviation in storage by Miapet
My favs~ I may seem like a person who faves a lot of work, but really I fav what I want to see again.
  • Mood: Sadness
I can't get the new Dragon Age game to work on my computer. Guess I gotta upgrade. Oh well. I've got plenty of games to play. It's just frustrating. But it's about time to upgrade, I've had my computer for quite a while. Need something new. Least now I've got a reason to do it finally.


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Cool Fire Bird
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Real Name: Erin Gormley
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Location: TX
Job: Comic Artist Full Time

I enjoy drawing, writing, editing videos, reading online and off-line comics, playing video games, and watching cartoons of many kinds. Be it anime or good ole American cartoons.

My love for Adventure Games has grown and I plan on collecting all that I can, be they old or new games.

I also like RPGs and Platformers. Big Megaman/Rockman fan.

And horror games. I may not like watching horror movies, but horror games are a lot of fun.

My favorite kinds of comics are fantasy and drama, but if a good sci-fi comes my way, I'll read that too~
Actually, I also like a fantasy/sci-fi mix comics as well.

Romance stories are alright. The cute kind, nothing adult. I don't like adult comics.
But romance is always something I like having in a story. I rather it be a part of a bigger plot than be the center of the story, since most romance stories have no plot at all except for the characters trying to get together.
But, somehow, even with that problem, some romance stories have won me over as guilty pleasure comics.

I also enjoy really good mystery comics. Big fan of Detective Conan(Case Closed) and I have enjoyed Death Note, despite some flaws.

As for cartoons, I love adventure. I enjoy a good story, much like the comics I read. Anime gives a more adult feel that I’m looking for…most of the time, sometimes the ‘adult‘ stuff can be just or more silly and immature than cartoons towards a younger group.

I also love American cartoons because they can be deeper and much less childish than people give them credit for. Sometimes I rather watch a cartoon more aimed for a younger audience because a lot more creativity is needed when telling a story without blood/gore/nudity. And they can be pretty creepy and interesting in their own right.

So stuff like Transformers Animated and Generator Rex, the newest cartoons out there, have to work hard to keep it interesting.

What I Find Important In a Story: I'd have to say, Characters. If the characters are horrible, I don't care HOW awesome the plot is, the art, the writing, the world, if I don't care what happens to the characters, I drop the comic.
Sometimes a semi-good or see-it plot will be saved by awesome characters.

Current Residence: TX
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good.
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
MP3 player of choice: Itunes
Favourite cartoon character: I'm on Transformers right now :D Too many!


Over The Garden Wall - The Unknown Fall by TheAnimatedReviewer
Over The Garden Wall - The Unknown Fall
This cartoon made me feel like a kid listening to mom read a children's story. Good times.

I also drew this to test out photoshop to see if I'll get it....probably. I think this came out okay.
SketchySleepyzeke by TheAnimatedReviewer
Been a while since I did anything Kaila related, but I am starting up the comic book. It’ll still be a while before anything is posted up, I want to get quite a bit of it done ahead of time.
  • Mood: Sadness
I can't get the new Dragon Age game to work on my computer. Guess I gotta upgrade. Oh well. I've got plenty of games to play. It's just frustrating. But it's about time to upgrade, I've had my computer for quite a while. Need something new. Least now I've got a reason to do it finally.
  • Mood: Joy
Was checking out the other's entries. ^^  Everyone worked so hard, can't wait to see the results! Real excited. I'm not working on anything else at the moment until I know if I'm still in or not. Mainly to keep myself from burning out or get too into another project only to drop it. After the OCT I'm gunna work on my site and get that all together.

Until then... time to catch up on some video games!


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